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January 28, 2009



A still from a Video I shot featuring Ja Rule

A still from a Video I shot featuring Ja Rule



Part two of the pitch I made to Violator Management  included the still you see above as an example of what I can do in post to video sequences.

I like the glossy fashion photography / computer generated image feel.


A cold January afternoon may not be the best time for an HDR pitch.

January 27, 2009

I went by Violator management today in NYC to pitch my HDR photography. I think they really wanted to talk to me about shooting some reality show they were trying to produce. I wasn’t having that and was all about my HDR pitch. I think it went pretty well. I was talking to a guy that calls himself Phoecus, Mike was his given name. I quoted a ridiculously low price to produce and shoot a music video for a new artist on Interscope named Charles Hamilton.

I guess we’ll see how it went in a few days.

I did take some time to shoot a few HDR time-lapse sequences of the flat-iron building while I was in the neighborhood. Violator is on 25th between 5th and 6th. It was stupid cold and I stood there for like 2 hours as the timer squeezed off 3 frames every 5 seconds. Probably not the best thing to do prior to an interview but I never claimed to be a super genius.

I’ll post the files after they are done crunching.